Reasons Why Magento Is the Best B2B Ecommerce Solution?

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B2B commerce has uplifted in a huge way. Getting the right B2B ecommerce solution could be quite difficult given the number of top B2Bplatforms available today. When searching an ecommerce tool to use, often people make the mistake of thinking that all solutions are built the same way and all can suit to their business’ needs regardless of their capacity. Also, there is a misconception that the more popular the B2B ecommerce solution is, the more satisfactory results it will produce. Certainly, it’s not the right way to go.

Let’s look at the top reasons why Magento is the ideal B2B ecommerce solution to your business.

One Stop Shop

MagentoB2B ecommerce solution has it all what you need for your online venture. The ability to offer key accounts, channel partners, and seamlessly integration makes this tool the best fit for your business. It is quick to setup and has a simple interface where you can easily manage your accounts. It offers self-service facility to track quotes, and let users view order histories in detail, and leverage users to operate credit online. Take care of your business by offering consistent brand experience to customers.

Quick Order

What could be a better feature for buyers than Magneto’s fast frictionless ordering. This B2B ecommerce solution boosts sales by enabling quick and convenient ordering to buyers. It works well for those buyers who know what they exactly wants by placing order of items they need, directly. Thus, accelerate the buying process, increase rate of reorders for common purchases, and drive revenue.

Smart Inventory Management

This feature allows you to manage the operations and orders from every sales channel.  In this way, you get to know real-time inventory across the chain, and let you optimize time and delivery costs. The good part is that it also allows distributors to know how much products you have in stock to deliver the best experience and enhance sales.

Technical Support

Team at Magento is meant to keep your site running round the clock and offers end-to-end services. Whether you face problem regarding server overload, error messages, troubleshooting issues or shopping cart issues, Magneto’s technical support team can help you get quick solutions.


Improve your standing in B2B industry and focus on driving sales with the right B2B tool. Being a leader, MagentoB2B ecommerce solution serves you the best in everything you need to manage your B2B venture. Leverage all the features and help buyer meet their demands.

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