Here Are 5 Best E-Commerce Platforms for Startups in Canada

Digital e-commerce is evolving at a rapid pace. The use of a digital wallet is enhancing customers’ experience as they can use a payment method of preference. Also, the mobile phone now becomes part of marketing. Customers are using their mobile phones to browse to different sites.
If you are a Canadian newbie in online marketing, you need to consider e-commerce platforms to help you design your site professionally. These platforms have advanced feature that enables you to offer an array of services to your customers. However, different platforms have different feature. Hence, you need to look for a platform that can meet your distinct feature requirements. Here are 5 best e-commerce platforms in Canada:

If you want an e-commerce platform which will help you focus on trending social commerce, Shopify could be your first consideration. This platform is a popular shopping tool used by e-commerce sites. It has advanced features which are designed to cater for small business. The good thing with Shopify is its themes which are attractive to help you design your site in a way to grab customers’ attention. With Shopify, customers will choose you over your competitors as it provides a mobile app which accepts payments and also manages your store.

This platform has played a crucial role in offering your site with a point of sale system to handle transactions on your physical store. With Shopify, you will design your store with ease due to its user-friendly interface.

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Magento is the leading e-commerce platform that will help you uniquely build your online store. It has more and advanced features which are easy to customize without using a third party. Its user-friendly interface will enable you to design a professional site without hiring a designer.

If you want your site to rank higher on search engines, you need to consider Magento. It has search engine integrations that will enable customers to find your site easily. The good thing with Magento is its wide range of integrated payments. With this, customers can use their payment method of preference. Also, it has features that will protect the customers’ sensitive data.

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WooCommerce is a free and easy to use platform that will enable you to design a professional site. It comes with plugins. Hence no need of adding others to improve its functionality. With WooCommerce platform, you can assure your customers of securing their information. It achieves this due to its secure payment gateways and shopping cart.

Also, the WooCommerce platform has search engine integration. With this, customers will easily find your site. The biggest reasons why you should consider choosing a WooCommerce is its many themes. The professional themes will make your site attractive to grab customers’ attention.


BigCommerce is a stand-alone e-commerce platform. Hence, you don’t need to add a plug-in to improve its functionality. With BigCommerce you will reach global clients as it allows you to sell on Facebook and eBay. The greatest strength of BigCommerce is the integration to search engines which enables customers to find your online store easily.

Also, BigCommerce offers a variety of beautiful templates to choose from. With this, you will be able to design a professional site. In case of any problem that may occur when using the BigCommerce platform, you can contact them. It has reliable customer support.

YoKart e-commerce platform

YoKart has a design that caters to startups. This e-commerce platform has multilingual and multi-currency features to enable you to reach global customers. With this, it will be easy to communicate with international clients regardless of their language. Its payment gateways enable your site to accept different methods of payments such as PayPal, credit card, as well as cash. YoKart offers a variety of stunning templates which makes your site look more professional. As you know, a professional site will convince your clients that the products you are offering are of high quality. Hence, they will make a purchasing decision.

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